"I met Kevin Spacey in 1987 when I was auditioning actors for a picture called, Rocket Gibraltar. He came in to read for the part of “Dwayne Hanson,” a part I had already cast, that is, until the studio informed me that my choice would not be “approved.” Spacey got the job and we became fast friends and although Rocket Gibraltar turned out to be a nightmare on Route 27, our friendship endured. Kevin is a rare actor, whose gifts—among them, intelligence, wit, bravado, irreverence and sensitivity—were illuminated like pond scum by moonlight in last year’s TV series Wiseguy" ~ AMOS POE


Kevin Spacey.


First, he was in one my ALL TIME favorite movies, Glengarry Glen Ross. All time. I watch it every month. Second, American Beauty. I identified with small parts of his character. It is a movie I don’t watch very often at all because it’s far too intense. I think he’s undervalued. There is no part he can’t absolutely fucking own and take places the writer never saw. Isn’t that what acting is all about?

Anonymous asked:

First off, I ADORE your page - it gives me my daily KS fix!! My q is, have you noticed Kevin's sweet (maybe slightly nervous) habit of fiddling with his fingers? I see it in one of the Casino Jack conf photos you've posted :) Thanks also for posting 'real' photos of Kevin - he's totally gorgeous in scruff without a bit of adornment. x

Thank you so much ❤  He’s one of my guilty pleasures!  I have noticed his fiddling finger fidgets ;)  I think many Kevin fans love his scruff and natural hair. But he’s sexy whichever way he wants it…