The Placey for Kevin Spacey

Have you ever wondered what Kevin might smell like?  Wonder no more. Kevin is noted to be a fan of CREED Bois du Portugal.  Imagine drinking in this intoxicating scent (which, btw, could be used to describe Kevin himself)

"A rich, warm, mysterious scent, Creed Bois du Portugal is bursting with personality and power. Its intoxicating aroma charms you at once, then slowly invites you in to explore its hidden depths. Complex, alluring, soothing. Although it is beloved by men, Creed Bois du Portugal is also appealing to women who appreciate a rich and warm fragrance."


Anonymous asked:
Do you have video footage of piano man?

I posted it earlier here

…and he keeps going. Giving a talk this afternoon for IABMixx in spite of feeling under the weather.  During his concert last night he informed the crowd: "Something happened last week that never happens, I got sick. A little guy visited me in my throat. Little (expletive). I’m trying to hit the high notes for the first time. I (expletive) know it before you do if I don’t hit them."


Does anyone know if Kevin Spacey has any history of being extremely problematic

If you mean professionally or with fans, nope. By almost all accounts he’s a total pro when working and polite to fans. He can be a challenge if you are a journalist who asks him stupid questions he’s not in the mood to answer ;) But you know, he’s Kevin Spacey and therefore cooler and smarter than your average cookie.