Lost in Spacey

Anonymous asked:
Requesting two posts (cheeky!) - Kevin doing his Pacino face, and Kevin with *dat* smile (by which I mean the cutest smile known to humankind...I think you know what I'm talking 'bout). ILU.

Done. and done. I hope ;)  I did enjoy the assignment immensely. His smile makes me all melty (not the 100 degree temp in L.A!) 

Anonymous asked:
I'm in looooove with Kevins voice ! Do you know if he narrates any books/stories/poems ? I would love to just listen to him read. Thanks ! And I love your blog ! Xoxo

Awww, thank you! xoxo.  Kevin has a beautiful, soft and soothing voice ;) He has read a few audio books that you might be able to find online at Barnes and Noble, ebay, or Amazon. Here are 5 that I know of: 

Nobody’s Fool by Richard Russo

Mrs. God by Peter Straub

The Agenda: Inside the Clinton Whitehouse by Bob Woodward

Night Squad by David Goodis

Exceptional Clearance by William J. Caunitz

Kevin rehearsing “Mind Games.” 

Come Together: A Night for John Lennon’s Words and Music was a 2001 television program tribute to John Lennon. It aired on TNT and The WB.

Originally planned to celebrate Lennon’s accomplishments, the concert took place on October 2, 2001 at Radio City Music Hall in New York City, shortly after 9/11, and exactly one week before the 61st anniversary of Lennon’s birth. It was dedicated to “New York City and its people” and presented as a fundraiser for the Robin Hood Foundation.  Kevin not only sang, but hosted the event.

If you haven’t seen him sing “Mind Games,” you must.